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Minutes March 2008

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Al Moses

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:44 am    Post subject: Minutes March 2008 Reply with quote -

Virginia Professional Electronics Association
Minutes of Board Meeting
March 8, 2008
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center
Virginia Beach, VA

4:27 pm Meeting Called to Order: (Past President Peter Florence)

Roll Call:
Lewis Anderson
Tim Cundiff
Peter Florence
Michael Gorbett
Wallace Harrison
Phillip M Jones
Dale Miller
Al Moses
Rob Steinruck
Dorothy Cicchetti - Guest
Doug Freeman – Guest
Tammy Gorbett - Guest
Derek Peterson - Guest
Michael Peterson - Guest

Quorum Present

Motion made by Michael Gorbett to accept Minutes of December 1, 2007 Board Meeting.
Second: Dale Miller
Motion Carried

Treasurer Report:
Dale Miller gave full report (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Investments).
Rob Steinruck inquired about the MAC funds. Per the Working Rules, all profits from the MAC go to the State funds at the end of the conference. Peter Florance and Dale Miller will set-up an asset account in the State’s Accounting program, QuickBooks.
Motion made by Rob Steinruck to accept Treasurer’s Report.
Second: Al Moses
Motion carried.

President’s Report: (Report available on VeeNet – Board Business)
Michael Gorbett provided his President’s Report, which included the continued growth of the association, the extra day added to the MAC and the importance of board members following thru with their assignments. In response to the report, Tim Cundiff inquired about guidelines for committee chairs. After discussion, it was suggested that Working Rules be updated with a rule that committee reports be posted on VeeNet one week prior to board meetings.

Committee Reports: Standing Committees

Convention Report: (Report available on VeeNet – Board Business)
Convention Report presented by Michael Gorbett announced the theme for the 2008 MAC as “Service Professionals – Certified, Diversified & Unified. Discussion concerning the acceptance of credit cards for payment for the MAC. Dale Miller expressed his concerns of using Suntrust bank for credit card transactions. Al Moses explained that PayPal is a per transaction charge only. Peter Florance to set-up a PayPal account for the MAC website. 2009 MAC is scheduled for June 10-14, 2008 at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel.

Communications: (Report available on VeeNet – Board Business)
Publication Editor – Per Peter Florance, the latest issue of the VPEA Reporter was mailed on-time more or less. Discussion on the MAC reimbursing the state for advertising in the VPEA Reporter or is the MAC submitting profits to the state sufficient.

Webmaster (Report available on VeeNet – VPEA Board Business) – Phillip Jones reported that there were very few changes to the VPEA website. MAC was moved to the top position on the VPEA website, officers and key people information was updated and a thank you card was added to the site.

Directors Advisory:



Nominating Committee:

Intermission for Jim and Shannon Haltom, Autocross, US Website Design & Hosting. A website demonstration was presented and an explanation of redesigning the website. Module would include a calendar, photo gallery, PayPal account and link to the MAC website. Discussion and motion concerning a contract for website redesign.
Motion made by Rob Steinruck to approve contract with Autocross, US Website Design & Hosting.
Second: Tim Cundiff
Motion carried.

Operating Rules: (Report available on VeeNet – VPEA Board Business)
Proposed changes to the Bylaws – (available on VeeNet – VPEA Board Business)
Proposal 1 – Change number of terms a president can consecutively serve from two to four
Proposal 2 – To provide for a single Vice President and a single Secretary
Proposal 3 – Have the Immediate Past President serve as Chairman of the Board
Proposal 4 – To make e-mail quorums more realistic
- All of the above proposals were approved for consideration at the General Membership Meeting on June 7, 2008

Proposed changes to the Working Rules – (available on VeeNet – VPEA Board Business)
Proposal 1 – (WR-15) Clarify Lodging Reimbursement Guidelines
- Dining as a Board-approved group will be paid by VPEA funds based on availability and additional room nights must be Board-approved, subject to fund availability.
Motion to accept proposal made by Al Moses.
Second: Rob Steinruck
Motion carried.

Proposal 2 – (WR-16) Broaden Duties of Membership Committee & Itemize Welcome Packet
- Committee will develop a “Welcome” or “New Member” packet for new members of the association, which will include a Welcome Letter, Bylaws, Working Rules, Code of Ethics, VPEA History, Member Contact List, Application for VPEA Membership, Convention Invitation, Convention Registration Form, NESDA Information sheet, NESDA Membership Application, ISCET Information, NPSC Information and recent issue of the VPEA Reporter.
Motion to accept proposal made by Dale Miller.
Second: Rob Steinruck
Motion carried.

Proposal 3 – (WR-17) Insert Procedures for Resolving Consumer Complaints about a VPEA Member
- New Working Rule for Consumer-Complaint Resolution. Complaints must be in writing, which are referred to the president or to a committee formed for that purpose. (Refer to VeeNet – Board Business for details)
Motion to accept proposal made by Michael Gorbett.
Second: Al Moses
Motion carried.

Scholarship – Two sample applications for the Jane Hudson Memorial Scholarship were presented. Discussion on how much the scholarship should be worth (currently $500). Dale Miller recommends delaying any decision on the scholarship for at least one year to see if financial portfolio stabilizes.
Motion By Dale Miller to table awarding the scholarship for one year.
Second: Tim Cundiff
Motion carried.

Service Industry:
Report presented by Tim Cundiff states Pioneer to end plasma panel production. Report goes on to explain the Circuit City pushing Fire Dog installs. Panasonic is the sales leader in Plasma sales, with Samsung and Sony 1st and 2nd respectively in LCD sales. Best Buy sales are up and Circuit City’s are down. Also make customers aware of digital upgrade and coupons available at www.ntia.doc.gov for $40 converter boxes.


National Representative’s Report: (Report available on VeeNet – VPEA Board Business)
Rob Steinruck reported that NESDA will present proposed Bylaw changes to the NESDA Membership with regards to the definition of an associate and clearly defining what representation a regional association would have within the national association. The employment contract of the NESDA Executive Director was renewed for 3 years. There are ongoing discussions concerning the procedure for voting at NESDA. The Georgia Electronic Service Dealers Association (GESDA) has begun the process of becoming a regional association. And finally NESDA Region 2 director position is up for election this year.

Discussion by the board concerning the voting procedures at NESDA. Al Moses suggested making the proxy form available at the Mid-Atlantic Conference. Rob Steinruck explained that ProService will have a proxy form.

New Business:
Working Rule 4I – National Representative Reimbursements
- $500 for expenses once a year at a National Meeting and must have board approval for anything else

New Membership Application
- Dan Bruns, Cincinnati Hamilton-Fairfield TV Service, applied for VPEA Membership and was approved by the Board of Directors.

Working Rule 15 – Food and Lodging Expenses
- Discussion concerning the excessive money spent for food and lodging. Per the Treasurer, he suggests that we stay within the budget set forth in the working rules.

Next meeting scheduled for June 6, 2008 at 5:30 pm in Virginia Beach

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 pm
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